QBloggers: Festive Feasting with Queensgate

At the end of November, I was lucky enough to be invited to an event hosted by my local shopping centre, Queensgate. Of course, the event involved tasting foods from a variety of shops and restaurants in Peterborough - and who says no to food?! The amount that was there was pretty overwhelming, ranging from … Continue reading QBloggers: Festive Feasting with Queensgate

Recipe: Soft Chocolate Cookies!

Hey guysss ☺ I'm pretty excited to be writing this as it's my first ever food post! And everybody loves food ♥ My favourite snack is cookies (and the reason why my diet restarts every Monday) so there really isn't a better recipe to kick off the start of the food posts! Cookies (imo) are one of the easiest … Continue reading Recipe: Soft Chocolate Cookies!