Autumn/Winter Qblogger Fashion Challenge with Queensgate

With every new season, a new QBlogger challenge awaits me. So when I was invited to Carluccio's in Peterborough for drinks and some nibbles to find out what our next task would be, I had to say yes. After some lovely canapes from Carluccio's new starter menu (I had a particular love for the chicken … Continue reading Autumn/Winter Qblogger Fashion Challenge with Queensgate


Thinking about commuting to university?

Hey guys, Grab yourself a cuppa and some snacks because this is a loooong one! Now I'm fully aware that this post is coming a bit late, seeing as everyone is already moving or going to university however I believe it's quite a controversial subject. If you didn't know, I graduated this year and I … Continue reading Thinking about commuting to university?