A dupe for YSL’s Black Opium?

Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium perfume is a holy grail in millions of girls’ lives and it’s clear to see (or smell) why! Not only does the bottle look pretty, but the scent itself is both sexy and elegant, with strong notes of coffee and vanilla.

However, it is pretty pricey and we don’t all have £50 – £100+ to repurchase it when we’ve run out. Which is why I’m bringing you a dupe!



I was out shopping in The Perfume Shop a while ago when I was pondering on which perfume I’d like to try. I got chatting to the guy behind the counter about how amazing Black Opium is when he introduced me to Axis Elegant Woman that smells similar, only it’s a fraction of the price.


Admittedly the bottle isn’t anywhere near as pretty as Black Opium, but when you’re getting 100ml of something that smells very similar to your favourite perfume, the packaging can be overlooked for sure.

Describing perfumes is super hard when you can’t actually smell them! But Axis Elegant Woman has notes of bergamot, coffee, and pear, giving it that ‘spicy’ scent which is very similar to Black Opium. Best of all, this beauty is only £9.99! Literally a fifth of what you’d pay for a 30ml bottle of the designer version, meaning you can save the last few sprays of Black Opium for those special occasions.

So if you’re after an everyday perfume that strikes a similar resemblance to one of your favourites (well, at least my favourite) you know what to do!

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4 thoughts on “A dupe for YSL’s Black Opium?

  1. Shuana Yap says:

    I’ve never tried YSL’s Black Opium but I can imagine it’d smell good, should try it out one day. And you’re right about the price, it’s $124 here which I think is really pricey! But it’s so unfortunate I can’t the Axis Elegant for Woman perfume in the US, not even on Amazon. What a bummer!

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