Review: Wonderland Makeup

If I’m honest, for a little while now I’ve felt like I’ve fallen out of love with makeup. The thought of waking up an hour earlier when it’s cold and dark outside is daunting! However, that doesn’t mean I stop wearing it.

So, when Wonderland Makeup contacted me asking to review a few of their products, I thought it was the perfect opportunity for me to enjoy experimenting with new makeup again. More importantly this high-end makeup brand is cruelty-free *yay*

The first thing that caught my eye in my parcel was the Loose Pigment in Champagne Pink. I’ve never really played with pigments before as my eyeshadow game isn’t strong! Hence that being the reason I haven’t included an image of me wearing the pigment (sorry!).

The pigment is very finely milled and soft on the eyes so it doesn’t cause any irritation whilst you’re wearing it. It’s fairly long lasting as well and will probably last even longer if you use a suitable fixing glue (and not concealer like I did) *face palm*. These are only £6.50 a pop too so it will absolutely not break the bank! Check out their site here to browse over 60 shades! The only negative thing about the pigment is that it’s pretty messy but of course, what kind of pigment isn’t messy?!

Photo 26-11-2017, 14 19 34

The next thing, and possibly my new favourite, is the Studio Finish Primer which is £15 – which is reasonably priced for a high-end primer. I literally love this! It has a silicone-like feel to it but not to the extent where your makeup will slide off of your face! It filled in all my pores nicely and gave me a soft and smooth finish for when I applied my foundation. I recently wore this to my works’ Christmas party and my makeup still looked pretty good after a solid 8 hours (and after consumption of a lot of food and alcohol, hehe) so it will be more than good enough for a full day of work!

Last, but not least (because I’m TOTALLY going to buy more) is the Nail Polish in Iced Cream which is a gorgeous baby pink. I did like this nail varnish however with this particular shade I had to apply a few coats to get a good colour on my nails – although I find a lot of pale pink shades do this (even some of the top brands) so I tend to apply just 1 or 2 coats for a more subtle and natural finish. LET ME TELL YOU I work at a local pub on the weekends and in the past, even my acrylics didn’t survive the intense labour my hands went through but this polish didn’t even chip. Not once. Hence why I NEED more shades! These are £6 each which is a pretty good price given the quality.

Overall, I’m really impressed with quality of the products I received and the packaging is really sleek and I love it’s aesthetic.

Be sure to check them out! What do you think?!

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*these products were sent to me in return for a review but all opinions are 100% my own.

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      Hey! Aww thank you so much 😊 brands just approach you my love. Make sure your email is noticeable on your social media and always share your content! It does take time! Xx


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