Review: The Body Shop Honey & Almond Milk range

Hello lovelys ☺

I was kindly sent three products from The Body Shop’s new Almond and Honey range through their sampling programme – sadly not PR!! Hahaha, all jokes aside, I think I’ve found my new favourite range.

I’ve loved The Body Shop products since I can remember, I used to get all giddy going into town with my friends and smelling all the body butters and lotions.

The Honey & Almond range is designed for those with sensitive skin, but it’s still amazingly scented (something you don’t often get in sensitive-friendly products!) and the formula is no different to the normal products – so it’s a win win really.

My skin is pretty sensitive, it gets red and sore quite quickly when I cleanse my face and I often get dry patches around my upper arms when I use particular body washes and shampoos.

I started using these products immediately – the body lotion in the morning as it’s a thinner consistency and it absorbs into your skin super quick without leaving you with a sticky feeling. I tend to use the body butter either after a shower or at night so I can lather in it and leave it to work it’s wonders.


The scent is absolutely incredible – which, let’s be honest, every scent that The Body Shop has created is heavenly – but words really can’t describe the honey and almond one! The scent lingers on your skin for a good few hours too, particularly with the body butter.

Although I must admit, the products haven’t completely ‘cured’ my skin as I still get redness and dry patches. I have noticed a slight difference though!

As for the bath milk, I don’t generally tend to bath that often (I do shower though!) as my bathtub isn’t very luxurious 😦
I did try it out though for the purpose of this review and it’s pretty good. I like to have the windows and door closed when I’m in the bath so it feels like I’m at the spa hehe. It leaves my skin feeling SO soft, as if I’ve just moisturised it.

It definitely did not disappoint – my skin felt super smooth when I eventually got out the bath, as well as filling the room with it’s good-enough-to-eat scent.

At the end of the day – buy these now! And don’t forget to follow me on social media! ☺

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Mwah, Lucy x

*This post is not sponsored. The products were sent to me but I was not obligated to post a review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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