The Autumn Tag 2016

Hi guys hope you’re all well!

I don’t know about you but I really enjoy reading and watching tag posts/videos. It gives you a chance to really get to know the person behind the blog!

1. What signifies the start of autumn for you?
Definitely going back to school or university. Of course, this won’t be the case forever but I feel as soon as a new educational year starts, it means the start of Fall!

2. What is your favourite Fall scent?
I don’t know if this means a perfume or an actual smell. Perfume wise I don’t really have a favourite as I wear different ones all the time! Smell wise, it’s definitely the smell of a burning fire or anything spiced apple!

3. What is your favourite autumn colour?
This year I’ve been loving dark purple (burgundy, if you will) and a rusty orange colour! Such typical Autumnal shade but hey ho. Oh, and black. I don’t think a day goes by where I’m not wearing at least one black item!

4. What is your favourite Fall drink?
I don’t know 😦 please can we change this to food? I love food. And I’m loving the Maple Crunch and Pumpkin Cake doughnuts from Krispy Kreme at the moment!

5. What TV show, new or old, are you looking forward to this Fall?
I always look forward to The Great British Bake Off and The Apprentice!

6. What is your favourite Fall fashion trend?
Hmm, deffo a jumper, skinny jeans and long boots! When it gets colder the scarves and beanies come out too!

7. What is your favourite frugal autumn activity?
Deffo binge-watching TV and getting fat lmao!

8. What is your favourite makeup look come autumnal weather?
I really like simple eye makeup and bold lips!

Feel free to copy and use this for your blog too! I want to know more about you ☺

Mwah, Lucy x

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