#QBlogger Challenge – My Winter Wishlist

Hello everyone ☺

I recently teamed up and joined the QBloggers with a new Christmas themed task – the Winter Wishlist! The QBloggers are a group of bloggers for Queensgate Peterborough – my local shopping centre.

The task was pretty simple (so I thought) we had to create a winter wishlist with ten presents we want for Christmas, from at least six different retailers who are situated within the shopping centre. We also had to include a ‘star present’ – something that is at the top of our wishlist! I’ve chosen to base my wishlist around females. So all of the gifts below will be suitable for a best friend, mum, nan, auntie, sister and so on.

I must admit, I think my eyes are bigger than my purse looking back at the things I’ve chosen lol! But who says you can’t all chip in for a present? Christmas is about bringing the family together after all!

I apologise in advance for the poor photos, I’m not quite used to my camera yet! Here are the ten gifts in all their glory:

Prada Candy Perfume – The Perfume Shop, £63 for 50ml


If you know me, you’ll know that I’m head over heels for sweet scented perfumes. I always feel that particular perfumes remind me of precious memories. For instance I constantly used the Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium perfume when I visited New York, so every time I wear it now, it reminds me of that time! The main notes of this perfume are Musk, Benzoin and Caramel. Bless your nostrils with this sweet scented goodness.

Benefit Hoola Body Bronzer – Boots, £19.50


When I first heard of this and noticed it said ‘zero tanlines’, my eyes almost popped out of my head. I just couldn’t bring myself to pay for it when I have soo many bottles to use up still! But if it’s a Christmas pressie you can’t complain can you! Who says just because it’s winter you can’t have a sunkissed glow?

Sparkling Curve Ring – Pandora, £90


Boyfriends, husbands, listen up! If you’re struggling to get your woman something for Christmas, anything Pandora is a no brainer. I love my Pandora rings, so I think this one might just be at the top of my list!

Black Crocodile Print Handbag – H&M, £29.99


You’ll rarely see a woman without some sort of handbag, be it a clutch, tote, or a rucksack, they’re a must in every woman’s wardrobe. I am a lover of simple black handbags, simply because they go with everything. I’m sad because I couldn’t find this exact bag on the H&M website but I have linked one that’s very similar and pssst… it’s £12 cheaper too!

Hawaiian Kukui Cream – The Body Shop, £23


I first discovered this product when I attended an event at The Body Shop in Queensgate back in July. I rubbed it in on my arm and it was glistening!  Packed with Kukui Oil, harvested all the way from Hawaii, along with so many skin loving ingredients. Run your hands under warm water, scoop some of the product out and rub between your palms until it’s super creamy. Lather yourself in this product and you will feel and smell amazing! I’ve just ran out of my samples of this so I think I need the massive tub now…

Makeup and Cosmetic Organiser – Tiger, £3 and £4


It’s rare that you’ll find any kind of makeup organiser that doesn’t break the bank. I thought these cute ones from Tiger will be perfect for anyone (small one is £3 and the larger one is £4). And there’s no rules for what you should use these for! Be adventurous ☺ Again, I couldn’t find these on the Tiger website, but I have included a link to their beauty webpage.

Black Sherpa Lined Denim Jacket – Primark, £18


I love denim. And I love denim even more when I know it will keep me warm throughout the Winter. The double denim look though? Nu uhh, I’m not a huge fan. So when I saw this black denim jacket, I fell in love! You don’t see black denim jackets often so why not give it a try? And can I mention that this is from Primark.. PRIMARK! A stunning piece at an absolute bargain price. This jacket also comes in the standard blue denim colour and a lovely burgundy shade too.

Benefit Cosmetics Blushin’ Babe Blush Kit – Boots, £29.50


How cute is this packaging though?! This sweet little set includes all of the Benefit favourites: Dandelion, CORALista, Hoola Bronzer, Rockateur, Sugarbomb, Watt’s Up highlighter, They’re Real! Black Mascara and They’re Real! Black Push-Up Liner (all fun-sized). This palette is valued at £97.50 so you’re saving £68!! What a steal. I’m sure this kit is only available throughout Christmas, so be quick!

Black Chunky Heeled Chelsea Boots – River Island, £50


Black boots are a staple in every wardrobe! You can wear them in every season of the year and for every occasion too! I’m not going to lie, I have about six pairs of black boots *blush*. But the old chestnut will be said: “I don’t have any that look like this“, it works every time 😉

24 Happy Days Ultimate Advent Calendar – The Body Shop, £99


Urm, I know advent calendars are supposed to be opened way before Christmas Day, but this post is going up before then so why not! I know the £99 price tag is pretty hefty, but considering you’re getting £187 worth of products you can’t really go wrong. Why not get yourself a little payday treat? Or even add it to your wishlist, there’s nothing wrong with opening all 24 boxes in one go 😀
If this one doesn’t tickle your fancy, The Body Shop also do a Deluxe Advent Calendar (£80, worth £127.50) or their normal Advent Calendar (£60 worth £106).

I bet you’re all thinking ‘gosh, she doesn’t want a lot does she?‘ Well, you’ve not seen my star item yet lol!

Apple MacBook Pro – John Lewis, £1999


I will admit, this MacBook is the top of the range and I’m genuinely not expecting anyone to spend this amount of money on me. But we were asked to choose something we really wanted. As a student journalist and a blogger, a MacBook would be SO handy for all the things I need to get done. I’m very content with the laptop I currently own and use but there’s no harm in asking, right?

When meeting with the QBloggers for this task, we were gifted some goodies from a few of the lovely retailers inside Queensgate: Millie’s Cookies, Boost Juice Bar, Boots, Paperchase, Lush, and Hotel Chocolat so thank you!

If you didn’t know already, Queensgate are launching a new Q Go card for their car parks. It’s a card that you top up, which you’ll scan at the barriers when you’re entering and exiting the car parks. This will come in super handy as you won’t have to wait in line to pay for your tickets! They kindly gifted me one pre-loaded to try out ☺

I was also treated to a free meal voucher from Handmade Burger Co which me and my wonderful boyfriend thoroughly enjoyed!


I’m so excited for Christmas so I thoroughly enjoyed this task set for us! If you want, have a look at some of the other QBloggers here:    (sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone, let me know!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this hefty post! And I hope you all have an absolutely fabulous Christmas ♥

Lucy x


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