5 Things to do in Amsterdam

Hallo guys,

I really want to start incorporating more lifestyle type posts on my blog, to mix it up a bit. Following my recent work experience at Thomas Cook’s Head Office, I thought I’d bring you a travel post.

Amsterdam has quickly become a hotspot for young people, and it’s easy to see why! Beautiful fields of tulips, great nightlife and the laid-back atmosphere is amazing.
I’ve been to Amsterdam three times over the last couple of years, so I’m giving you some first hand experience on what I think you should do!

1) Go on a tour of the Canal

225 1Canal tours are available all over Amsterdam, it’s up to you which one you choose as prices vary. You can get tours any time of the day, and the night-time tours often include a meal and/or drink (with a small fee, of course). My favourite tour had to be at Christmas as the canals are illuminated with light sculptures representing Amsterdam’s culture.

2) Taste beer-before-it’s-beer at the Heineken Brewery


I know what you’re thinking. How can a beer museum be fun? Well trust me on this one, it is. You get two free small beers (or pepsi if you don’t like beer) inside the museum. Have a wonder around and see how Heineken has changed through the years and even try some hops and barley (beer before it’s alcoholic)! There’s also a huge games room too, so it makes a fun day out for everyone.

3) Experience a coffee shop


You don’t have to be a fan of the devil’s lettuce to go to a coffeeshop. In fact, coffee shops are what Amsterdam is well known for. With the chilled atmosphere, friendly locals and a huge selection of drinks, it’s definitely something you need to experience. And it’s totally normal to drink hot chocolate through a straw here.

4) Shop around the street markets

nov 14 - feb 15 063.JPG

This one depends on what time of year you visit. This particular photo is from Christmas – which is the best time of year to go imo. But we also visited at the end of April, where there was also a few markets in celebration of King’s Day.

5) Eat street food


There are sooo many food stalls and pop up shops around Amsterdam – chip stands being one of the most popular. Obviously my example of chocolate covered strawberries isn’t the best representation of their street food haha! But they were good nonetheless!

I hope this has given anyone with the intention of visiting Amsterdam some insight of what you can do without spending a bomb. I know there are other things such as the Anne Frank Haus, Van Gogh Museum and more educational attractions – however we didn’t visit them (mainly because the queues were incredibly long) so I wouldn’t recommend them if I haven’t experienced them for myself!

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Have you been to Amsterdam? What was your favourite thing there? Let me know! ♥

Ttfn, Lucy x

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