May Glossybox 2016

Hi guysss,

It’s my favourite time of the month again – my Glossybox delivery! Now I mentioned this in my April Glossybox post but if you missed it I’ll explain what it is. It’s a bespoke beauty brand that sends you a box tailored to your preferences every month for £13.95 (inc. delivery).
In the box you get around 5-6 products and one of them is always full size which is what I like about them the most! I will provide a link at the bottom of this post so you can get your own ☺

Here is an overview of what I got this month!!

First of all, how cute is this NYC themed packaging?! I believe that there was four different designs which are all city inspired. Definitely makes a nice change to the usual pink boxes!

2016-05-09 13.12.11

The first thing I noticed was the Hawaiian Tropic Protective Dry Oil (SPF 15) (£5.99). I love the concept as the oil helps you tan, but it still protects your skin from all the nasty stuff! I’ve used this already, when we had our 3 days of summer *cry*. I like the formula, it’s so light and considering it’s an oil, it doesnt feel oily 🙂

2016-05-09 13.10.58

I like the sound of these.. their sleek design means that they won’t snag or damage your hair and they have a strong grip (always a winner in my books with my long thick mop). The ringlet shape also means that you won’t get kinks in your hair 🙂 perfff for sleeping in!! These Hairon Zero Crease Hair Ties are £3.99 for a pack of three. Not gonna lie, I’m not a fan of the bright pink but they do come in a range of other colours so I may repurchase these!

There are 24 different shades of this Absolute New York Velvet Lippie ($5.99 – £4.93) ranging from a baby blue to the blackest black. I’m sure that you have to get these shipped from the US too 😦 However if I’m completely honest these won’t be one of my fave matte lippies. I got the shade Rumba, which is a gorgeous coral colour (perfff for summer). I felt like it didn’t dry completely matte as well as it being a bit patchy on my lips – but hopefully I can make it work!

2016-05-09 13.11.06

I have heard good things about this brand before I recieved one of their products! It’s the Bee Good Youth Enhancing Plump & Firm Moisturiser (£23.50) and I can 100% say they did not dissappoint. My undereye bags are awful in the mornings – dark, dry and they just generally feel tired. I used this once and I could see a difference especially under my eyes. It’s amazing. This is a deluxe travel size at 15ml so hopefully it will last me a while!

2016-05-09 13.11.12

Apparently this month we got to choose one out of five of the new Revlon Mascaras (£9.99) for this box, but I didn’t get the message and missed out! Although I’m still pretty pleased with the one I received as my lashes are pretty much non-existent. I haven’t yet used this, but I am excited to!

If you’re interested in subscribing to Glossybox, click this link to sign up! – 

Thanks, as always!

Lucy x


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