5 Struggles Of Being A Girl In British Heat

Hi guys,

I can’t be the only one that’s noticed (and taken advantage of) the last few days of gooorgeous weather!

However, being a girl in summer comes with it’s struggles.. here are some of my personal hates!!

1/ Underboob sweat


Ughhh there’s just nothing worse than wearing a pretty top only for it to get ruined! Big boobs are great until the weather gets warmer! However, I have got a couple of tips for you guys to help this awkward and super uncomfotable situation.
Use a dry spray deodorant – a dry spray won’t leave behind any horrible residue on your tops and as well as making your boobies smell nice, it helps in preventing sweating too!
Alternatively, use baby powder – baby powder does the same thing, but it can be a little messy. It also stops chafing too.
Avoid padded bras – on really hot days I’d avoid wearing extra padding as it soaks up all the sweat which stains and makes your bras smell (we don’t want that, considering how expensive they can be) and it also transfers to your shirts.

2/ Unreliable mascara


Unfortunately we can’t all look as good as Bey Bey on a hot day. I’m all for cheapa nd cheerful mascara… until it comes to the sun. I don’t know about other people but I have oily skin, especially my eyelids *sigh* meaning on a hot day, my mascara ends up on my cheeks and eyeliner is a definite no no 😦 not cool. If you suffer too, don’t worry! This Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara (£17) is a life saver!

3/ Humid hair!!!!


This is my ultimate hate during summer. As soon as spring rolls around I’m always tempted to just cut my hair off. I have super long and thick hair meaning it is almost impossible to have it down during hot weather as I look like a sweaty Hagrid. I used this Mark Hill Defrizz-licious Shampoo (£5.49) last summer and it worked! It’s great for all hair types too which is a bonus.

4/ Having to shave your legs constantly


And yet they are never as smooth as we’d like them! One of my favourite hacks for super soft legs is using conditioner instead of shaving cream, it leaves your skin silky smooth as well as giving them a bit of moisture! I personally use the Alberto Balsam Coconut and Lychee Conditioner as it’s super cheap at just £1 and it smells AMAZING.

5/ Wearing shorts or a skirt and getting your ass stuck to a seat


There’s nothing more embarrassing than getting a sweaty bum in public. It’s even worse when you’ve got to peel yourself off of a seat! Not only do we run the risk of burning our backsides on a hot day, the paranoia of leaving behind a sweat mark takes over our lives! To help this, apply a bit of baby powder to the backs of your legs before you go out, it should resolve the issue!

Hope my little tips helped and please tell me I’m not alone!

Lucy x



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