Review // Topshop Chameleon Glow Eyeshadow in U Turn

I’ve been looking for a wearable iridescent eyeshadow for ages and I instantly fell in love when I came across this Topshop one in the shade U-Turn. The shadows are £9 each and I’ll link this one along with the other shades available at the bottom of the post.

2016-04-06 15.12.54

I must admit I was a bit sceptical about buying it at first as I’ve only ever tried the Topshop Lip Bullets and I didn’t really get on with them.

This eyeshadow is STUNNING though. I love the pigmentation of it and the sleek packaging – it’s a pale green with pinky and yellow tones in it (I guess it depends what angle you look at it from haha). But I wore this shadow alone and I loved it!

2016-04-02 15.17.04

Don’t laugh lol I don’t view myself as a makeup guru nor artist so I’m very amateur when it comes to these sort of photos hahahahaha. But hopefully it shows how beautiful this colour really is!

2016-04-06 15.13.59

There are two more shades available in the Chameleon Glow range as well – Shuffle The Cards and Wax & Wane.


Credit to Sugar & Spice for the images:

Links to each of the eyeshadows are here:


Thanks for reading, hope this helps!

Lucy x

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