10 things you must do in New York City


Following my recent trip to the Big Apple with my boyfriend for my 21st, I thought it was only relevant to list things you CANNOT miss – just for inspo of course! I’ve also included a few piccys of what we did. It’s great – XOXO

Empire State Building

There are no words to describe how it feels being 100 odd floors up in the air looking at the scenes below – it literally feels like you’re on top of the world. You can get a 360 degree view of NYC!

Charging Bull Statue

This may not interest most people, but the Charging Bull is one of the Financial District’s icons. Also known as the Wall Street Bull it symoblises ‘aggressive financial optimism and prosperity’. We waited ages to get a picture with it as there was sooo many people standing around!

Water Taxi

You pay $30 for an all day hop-on, hop-off service. The water taxi takes you to all of the hotspots in NYC and allows you to get off and explore. It takes you to places such as Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Times Square and a few more and the views of the skyline are amazing!

Times Square

You must go and see Times Square both during the day and at night. It’s incredible! All of the surrounding shops are open until early hours of the AM too, meaning you will always find something to do.


9/11 Memorial / Ground Zero

Be prepared to bawl your eyes out. Heartbreaking, yet so special to see how many people have been remembered. Filming and taking photos of most of Ground Zero (the museum) is prohibited. We easily spent 3/4 hours in there as there’s so much to read and look at. As well as the two reflecting pools where the twin towers stood, it’s all incredible.

Rockefeller Center

Very similar to the Empire State Building experience, you get the 360 degree view of New York, however we visited this one when it was dark and it was amazing! We seemed to spend a lot longer in the Rockefeller Centre as well. Outside it also has an ice rink, but it’s much cheaper to skate at the one in Central Park. Selfie sticks really come in handy 😉

Grand Central Terminal

If you’re a Gossip Girl lover, you can’t miss the Grand Central Terminal – where the first episode started. It’s the biggest station in the world and attracts over 20 million visitors a year!! With it’s fab ceilings full of the zodiac star alignments, it’s remarkable and such a touristy thing to do haha. Xoxo

Central Park

I love Central Park, it’s over a mile long and there is SO much to see – the John Lennon Memorial (Strawberry Fields), the zoo, many many play parks. We were so lucky as it was 25 degrees when we went!! But you could spend a whole day there easily.


I definitely recommend getting a tour round central park, the guides are fantastic and take photos of you in front of famous hotspots. You end up with beautiful photos like this:



Central Park Zoo

This zoo isn’t massive, but it’s cute and it has animals you wouldn’t expect to see in a zoo so small – seals, grizzly bears, snow leopards and whatnot. Also, because the zoo is small, the only animals there are babies waiting to be transported to a bigger zoo ♥

American Museum of Natural History

If you don’t recognise the name of this museum from The Night At The Museum movies, you’ve deffo been living under a rock. Although to my disappointment the museum didn’t look like it did in the films 😦 but still a good day out nonetheless – especially the butterfly room and massive collection of dinosaur bones!


I hope this has given you some insight into The Big Apple!

Thanks for reading,

Lucy x

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