Swatches // Sleek MakeUP Eyeshadow Palettes #2

As promised, here are the other three Sleek eyeshadow palettes that I didn’t include in the last post as it would have taken hours to get through haha ❤


This palette is again, one that I don’t really use often but the colours are unusual and the packaging is white, unlike the other palettes which are black.2016-04-01 17.09.43

I think it’s cute how all palettes come with an applicator, but let’s be honest, who even uses them anymore??

I probably won’t get much use out of the yellow and bright green eyeshadows as I’m not that brave lol. But the first two khaki and copper shimmer colours are fab and the colour payout is amazing.

Again, the first image is in natual sunlight and the second is indoors – artificial light.

Apologies for the crap swatches, I was getting pretty tired after doing all of the others! Quite surprisingly, the yellow and green matte shades are pretty pigmented which I found unusual and surprisng.

You don’t really need to pack these colours onto your eyelid because of how pigmented they are!


I love love love this palette, definitely a bloggers favourite – I always see YouTubers mentioning it!

2016-04-01 10.00.02


There are three matte shades in this palette which I also love, I tend to steer away from the blacks because if you go wrong, there’s no going back lmao. Plus, I have small eyes so black just makes them look teeny tiny. But it’s super pigmented, as you will see below.

And againnn.. left is sunlight and right is indoor light.

The second shade isn’t very visible in the swatch but it’s sooooo shimmery, perfect for highlighting your inner orners or brow bone as it’s very neutral and not too pink.

Overall, love it ♥♥

Oh So Special

This palette’s shades are SO beautiful and feminine. Deffo good for a valentines look, there’s so many wearable pinks in here with darker shades for your crease or transition.


2016-04-01 17.00.23

Look at how amazing they are. The second and fourth shades ‘Organza’ and ‘Gift Basket; are my faves, I’m loving the rose gold colours atm. The seventh shade however I would say is holographic or irredescent or whatever you want to call it – where it looks a slightly different colour in the light.


Btw, I’m not missing two shades here, they’re just so pale you can’t see them!! Don’t really rate the pale matte shades in these palettes, but all the others are banging.

You can see what I mean in the picture on the left about the irredescent shade, it’s more gold in the sun however in the palette it’s pink. It’s gorgeous.


All of the palettes I’ve swatched are linked in my previous post!

Hope I’ve given you some insight and inspiration


Lucy x


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