2015-09-21 15.24.49So being a journalism student I thought it was relevant to start a blog. I should have really started this earlier in 2016 as it was my New Year’s Resolution (but we all know we never stick to them, evidently lol).

I want to combine my love for writing and all things beauty – so although I’d like this to predominantly be a beauty blog I’m going to include other things such as travelling, lifestyle and all that good stuff.

I am 21 years young, and if you didn’t already guess I’m studying print journalism at Nottingham Trent University. I live in Peterborough – I should probably include a picture of where it is on a map as NO ONE seems to know where it is. It’s basically next to Cambridge.

I do love going to the gym, but I’m not a massive fitness fanatic and I’m not intending to massively lose weight, I just do it to feel better about myself ☺

But anyway, I think that’s enough about me! Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope it didn’t make you ZzzZzzzz.

Watch out for good things to come!!!


Lucy x


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